Reservoir Set Up

First Time Set Up: 

Step 1: Insert the power cord

Plug the power cord into the bottom of the base. If desired, wrap any excess cord using the hooks at the bottom of the base.

Step 2: Insert the spout

Firmly press the spout into the base until the metal is no longer visible. Note: it may take more force than you'd think - things have to be snug to prevent leaks.

Step 3: Insert the filter

Remove the filter dust cover. Insert the filter by simultaneously pushing down and rotating clockwise. With logo facing forward, place the filter sleeve over the filter until it snaps into place.

Step 4: Plug it in

Plug the power cord into an outlet. When the blue light flashes, your machine is on.

Step 5: Flush the Filter*

Fill the water tank with tap water up to the max fill line. We recommend moving your Reservoir to the edge of your sink so that you can easily flush your brand new filter.* This way you can quickly fill the water tank and dispense the excess water directly into the sink.


Trust us, we don't want you to discard good water either, but this step is absolutely worth doing when breaking in a new filter. Our filters are packed with activate carbon, a fine black powder that can become dislodged during initial use leaving behind black specs. Flushing your filter removes any loose carbon so you can enjoy water that looks as good as it tastes.

Step 6: Repeat

Tap the button 4 times to automatically dispense 36 ounces of water (alternatively you can hold the button down, but who has time for that?). Flush water through the system until the tank is completely empty.

Repeat step 5 and 6 five more times to remove any loose carbon, cloudiness or discoloration. 

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