Replace Your Filter

How to replace your filter:

Step 1: Remove tank and enter filter replace mode. Remove the water tank from the base. Press button 8 consecutive times. The machine will enter “Filter Replace Mode” and the LED will blink white. 


Before removing filter, remove the water tank and then push the button to drain excess water, so the system depressurizes. This prevents water from splashing out during filter removal!

White pulsing LED indicates the Reservoir is in filter change mode. [Note: if you accidentally entered this mode, press the button 10 times to exit]

Step 2: Remove water and remove filter

Place a large glass under the spout & press the button 2 times to depressurize the filter, some water will come out of the spout. Remove the filter by twisting counterclockwise. Be mindful, there may be a little water leftover when removing.

Step 3: Flush the filter

Please refer to the "Reservoir Set Up" article as a reminder of how to flush your new filter.

Note: To return your light to blue without replacing the filter and resetting the machine, press the button 10x.

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